Dynamic Temperature Control System

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Dynamic temperature control system is a hermetic refrigerated heating circulatorwhich is designed forfast heat-up and cool-down times in external applications. lt is widely used to provide cold source and heat sources to jacketed reaction vessel, tanks or other demanding applications infieldslike pharmaceutical, chemical and biological industries etc.



·Wide working temperature ranges using one bath1luid: -80°C~200°C.

·Refrigeration system,Heating system and Pre-cooling system can work independently orwork togethercontinuously.

·Rapid heat-up orcool-down.

·Cool down directly from high temperature.

·The bath1luid runs in a closedloop. lt is notlikely to volatilize and oxidize under high temperature, or absorb waterfrom ambient air underlow temperature, which increased bathfluidlife.

·Maintenance-free heat exchanger provides powerful heat exchanging.

·Designed with bath 1luid monitoring window, avoid shortage of liquid.

·Multi safety protections: Over temperature cut-off, electrical leakage protection, over-current protection etc.

·lt is available with air or water cooling.

Dynamic Temperature Control System


1. Process Safety: Pre-cooling system and powerful circulating pump ensure safe cooling down, which extends the service life of the machine.

2. De-Gassing Design: This design helps exhaust the air in the tubing and jacket easily after application set up, which makes the bath fluid flow fast and smoothly into the jacket.

3. Completely Closed Circulating Loop: The bath fluid runs in a closed loop, which increased its service life.

4. Touchscreen Color Display: 5.7’’ Touchscreen for easy operation and shows the working process. Graphic curve of material temperature and time are always in view.

5. Precise Temperature Control: PID intelligent temperature control stability ±0.5℃.

6. Convenient Data-Communication: Designed with RS485, USB interface and external temperature sensor interface.

     Data Communication and Storage: USB, RS485 and PT100 external sensor are fitted as standard.

     USB: Copy the data by hard drive for further storage and convenience

     RS485: For remote control and data communication

     PT100 External sensor: Measure actual temperature of the material in the vessel during reaction process.

7. Reservation Function: Set the start time and related parameters in advance, the machine will start running automatically when time is due.

8. Pre-cooling Function: Specially designed pre-cooling function for rapid cool-down with consumption less than 100W, which is very efficient and energy-saving.

9. Safety Protections: Over-temperature protection, electricity leakage protection, over-current protection etc.

10. Space Saving Design: Compact design requiring little space.

11. Rapid Heat Transfer: Powerful circulating pumps and a large hose cross section ensure maximized flow rates and optimum heat transfer.

12. Multi-way of control: Two ways of control: Set value and segmented program control. Program code range: 1~120; Segment code range: 0~99


Dynamic Temperature Control System

Typical Applications:

●Temperature control of jacketed or double jacketed reactors used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biological industries.

●Temperature control of material testing.

●Temperature control during distillation process.

●Analog control of temperature changes during a certain process.

●Thermostatic control system.

●Temperature control of semiconductor device

●Temperature control of thermal testing platform

●Temperature control of vacuum chambers

Dynamic Temperature Control System

Working Theory

Dynamic Temperature Control System

The bath fluid is cooled down by compressor, and heated up by electrical heating, and it is transferred by circulating pump. The temperature of whole system is controlled by electronic control parts.

Performance Curve

Dynamic Temperature Control System

Technical Specifications

Dynamic Temperature Control System

Optional Tubing

Dynamic Temperature Control System

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