Heating Circulator (250℃)

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This is a water-cooled type heating circulator.

The bath fluid is heated up by electricity and transferred to reactors by circulating pump, which can be applied to pharmaceutical plants, chemical industry and petrochemical industry.

Heating Circulator


● Designed with exhaust valve, which makes it easy and smooth when fill in bath fluid.

● Using oil as bath fluid will extend the service life of circulator.

● Over-temperature alarm, overload protection, overcurrent protection.

● Intelligent PID control with high precision.

● Bath fluid tank is made of anti-corrosive stainless steel.

● Heating bath fluid circulates in a closed system, which extends its service time.

● Tap water cooling design can cool down the high temperature bath fluid rapidly.


Heating Circulator


Heating Circulator




Working Theory

Heating Circulator


Heat-up Time


Heating Circulator



Technical Specifications

Heating Circulator




Recommended Solution


Heating Circulator



Temperature Control System Glass Reactor Vacuum Pump
SY-20-250 GR-5, GR-10, GR-20, GR-30 SHB-III, SHB-B95 series or MP-401
SY-50-250 GR-50 SHB-B95 series or MP-401
SY-100-250 GR-80, GR-100, GR-150 SHB-B95 series or MP-401


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