LT Series Recirculating Chiller
(Ultra Low Temperature)

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It is mainly used to supply ultra-low temperature cooling liquid to devices which need to carry on reactions under very low temperature.

It is compatible with reaction vessels with capacity of 20L, 50L or 100L and it can rapidly cool down the material temperature to -70℃、-80℃、-100℃. 



●Intelligent microcomputer control, all digital display, easy operation, LED temperature display.

●Safety: Both high and low pressure protection, Over-load protection, over-current protection, grounding-failure protection etc.

●Compressor is filled with environmental friendly CFC-free refrigerant which meets Euro standard.

● Main parts like compressor, oil separator, electronic valve, expansion valve are all international brands.

● Evaporator is made of full welded plate heat exchanger.

● Powerful circulating pump gives good performance during ultra-low temperature without any leakage or blockage.

● Completely closed circulation system leaves no bath fluid evaporation, which extend the bath fluid life and protect operator from any harm.

● Bath fluid tank and circulation hose are made of corrosion-resistant SUS 304.

●Stable and reliable performance makes it possible for continuous running for over 24 hours.

● Air-cooled type

● Powder coated housing is more anti-corrosive.


Recirculating Chiller


Recirculating Chiller


1. High Efficiency Heat Exchange: Powerful circulating pump increased heat exchange efficiency. 

2. High Stability: Reliable performance makes it possible for long time continuous working. It can be used as a substitute for dry ice. 

3. Completely closed bath fluid tank: Completely closed tank reduced bath fluid evaporation effectively.

4. Easy to Clean: Removable venting grids for quick and easy cleaning

5. Powerful Refrigeration: Rapid Cool-down to meet requirements of exothermic reactions

6. Over-flow Protection: The over filling bath fluid will be drained automatically.

7. Space-saving Design: Compact design requiring little space

8. Environmental Friendly: CFC-free refrigerant meets the articles of 《Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer》



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Recirculating Chiller


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Recirculating Chiller


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Recirculating Chiller

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