DLSB Series Low Temperature Circulating Pump

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It uses compressor for refrigeration and conveys cold bath fluid to other devices by the pump.

This Circulating Pump is usually used to cool down tubes or flasks which need to store solvents or carry on reactions under low temperature condition; or cool down packaging machine, printing machine, testing machine, coating machine, freezing process clamp, cooling mould, fine grinding machine, EDM device, chip cleaning device, etching machine, laser machine; or work with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze drying oven or water jet circulating vacuum pump.



●Designed with large open cooling bath, powerful external circulating system, it can be used as freezing bath separately or can be used to provide cooling liquid to other devices by external circulating system.

●Keypad setting and digital display for easy read and control.

●Compressor and key parts are supplied by world famous manufacturer with high performance and reliability.

●Circulating system is made of stainless steel 304 and macromolecule anti-corrosive material which is rust-proof, anti-corrosive and contamination-free. 

Low Temperature Circulating Pump




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Low Temperature Circulating Pump

Performance Curve

Low Temperature Circulating Pump

Technical Specifications

Low Temperature Circulating Pump

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