DLSB Series Low Temperature Circulating Pump (For Pilot Plant)

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This circulating pump is designed for pilot plant low temperature test or inspection in chemical and biological industries, which can be applied to medical and healthcare, food processing, metallurgy, chemical industry and laboratories of collages and research institutes, providing low temperature condition for large equipment such as distillation of high purity metals and rare materials, magnetron sputtering, vacuum coating etc.



●Using deionized water as bath fluid can prevent from pollution and scaling, which ensures high efficiency and longer service life.

●Air-cooling design saves tons of water.

●Bath fluid tank is separated from main cooling machine. This design is for better insulation and easy filling. The circulating pump will transfer the low temperature bath fluid to other devices from the fluid tank.

●Equipped with international advanced refrigeration units.

●Over-pressure protection, thermal protection and overcurrent protection etc.

●Circulating system is made of stainless steel 304 and macromolecule anti-corrosive material which is rust-proof, anti-corrosive and contamination-free.

●Set value can be locked according to actual needs.

●Best to work with 300L~100L reaction tank.

Low Temperature Circulating Pump


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Low Temperature Circulating Pump

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Low Temperature Circulating Pump

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 Low Temperature Circulating Pump

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