DLB Series Low Temperature Circulating System for Scale-up Test

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This system provides low temperature condition for scale-up tests and experiments in applications such as chemical industry, food processing, pharmaceutical plants, refrigeration industry and metallurgy etc.



●Using deionized water as bath fluid can prevent from pollution and scaling, which ensures high efficiency and longer service life.

●Circulating system is made of stainless steel 304 and anti-corrosive material which is rust-proof, anti-corrosive and contamination-free.

●Multi-protections: time-delay protection, overpressure protection, thermal protection, overcurrent protection and phase loss protection etc.

●Both air-cooling and water-cooling are available.

●Equipped with international advanced refrigeration units

●PLC Control

●Set value can be locked according to actual needs.

●It can work continuously.

●We can design the whole solutions according to user’s requirements.



Low Temperature Circulating System

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