DHJF Series Ultra Low Temperature Stirring Reaction Bath (-100℃、-120℃)

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Traditionally, when cooling temperature is below -100℃, it is achieved by combining three compressors together to form a three-leveled refrigerating group, which is complex , costly and accompanied by risk of leakage.

While, our R&D department designed a new powerful single-stage compression condensing refrigeration heat exchanger. DHJF Series Ultra Low Temperature Stirring Reaction Bath was developed on the base of this technology. This internal heat exchanger is composed of outer evaporating tubes and several inner condensing tubes. Compared with the three-leveled refrigerating group, the single compressor refrigeration unit is simpler, safer, more stable and more cost-saving.



● We own the core technology. (National Patented Product)

● Our leading ultra-low temperature technology can reach -100℃~-120℃.

● Compressor and key parts are supplied by world famous manufacturers from USA, Germany or France with high performance and reliability.

● Keypad setting and digital display for easy read and control

● Circulating system is made of stainless steel 304 and micromoles anti-corrosive material which is rust-proof, anti-corrosive and contamination-free.

● External circulation is not available when temperature is below -100℃.

Stirring Reaction Bath


Performance Curve

Stirring Reaction Bath

Technical Specifications

Stirring Reaction Bath

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