Water Cooler (10~25℃)

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This cooler can provide cooling water under certain pressure and flow rate, meeting the cooling demands of devices like electron microscope, X-ray machine, laser machine, mass spectrometer, X-ray diffractometer, molecular pump, nuclear magnetic resonance, accelerator, vacuum coating machine, electron beam welding machine, ion spray painting machine, fatigue of material testing machine, high and low temperature test box etc.

It is particularly can be used to provide cooling water to several rotary evaporators or glass reactors at the same time.



 ● PID temperature control with high precision

 ●Digital display of water temperature for easy read and control

 ●Water temperature and flow rate can be adjusted according to actual need.

 ● Low flow rate alarm function avoids lack of water during circulation.

 ●High performance compressor is supplied by world famous manufacturer with stability and reliability.

Water Cooler


Technical Specifications

Water Cooler

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